Visa around the corner?


I’ve just read that Revolut is working on a Visa card. Interesting.

Email about Revolut Visa

-Greater coverage: Certain countries (such as the US.) have greater Visa penetration. A dual Mastercard–Visa :r: card would be fantastic for those who travel internationally.
-Greater redundancy: In the unlikely event that the Mastercard network goes down, the card should be able to use the Visa network.

Email about Revolut Visa

How would application selection work with a dual card? I don’t see that merchants are prepared for this. With two competing card schemes it’s different than the usual co-badged cards where there is some sort of pre-selection for national schemes. What would be preferred when paying contactless?


I’m not too sure. May be up to the issuer to set the order of priority.

I’ve had a card before where there were 4–5 networks connected to it, and it was pretty seamless (Although that was before I had a contactless card.).


You are probably talking about a card where other cards are „routed“ through a proxy card, similar to curve?

I am not sure if pre-selection by the issuer would be in alignement with EU regulations.



Card with Mastercard, Visa, amongst other geographically-focussed payment networks.