Virtual Visa transaction declined again!

Been using my virtual visa for recharging a foreign sim card successfully in the last couple of weeks.

Now it has started to decline the transactions and remain pending! They only accept VISA.

Would this be Revolut rejecting these or the merchant I wonder?

How on earth do you contact Revolut through the app (with a real person on chat)? Instead of Rita!


Just type “live agent” in the chat window.

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Got a friend picking up a Wilkos visa today. I’ll attach that and try with that card soon as its activated to see if the transaction goes through.


Is this option under Help?

Going in circles trying to find an option for live help sorry.

Yes. Go to “Help” scroll all the way down until you see “Chat with us”. Then type the words “live agent” into the chat window.

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I’m chatting now :slight_smile:

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I had tried to shop with TomTom a week ago with my virtual Visa but it didn’t go through. I used it a year ago already there, the details were still saved. With a local card it worked without problems.
Did you see the transaction in your list? I don’t even see it in the App.
Please keep us posted what the support finds out.

Yes both transactions show as pending. They are doing further research at least.

Got £110 pending!! Local company that charges sim cards only accept visa!! Had to use a local card from a friend here.
Had 3 successful transactions last week and this week all declined.

New visa card from Wilkos picked up by a colleague. Added it to my app and activated. Cool. I’ll try this next time.

I thought maybe the 4.99 cost would come as credit on my account. Nothing.

Awesome. Tried the new visa card and worked with the same merchant that previously declined th virtual.

Basically the problem has nothing to do with virtual or not virtual. My virtual cards have the same BIN as my physical cards so the merchant can not distinguish if its a real or a virtual card. So the declining must have another reason.

Odd as the next transaction worked perfectly with the newly added visa card.

Maybe a timeout or glitch during that specific transaction.

Well maybe it just worked, because your new VISA has a different credit card number.

It’s payment for the chain of getting the cards printed and sent to the retailer and it takes the retailer cut from that too, why would you get credited 4.99 for costs they’ve had to pay?


ok ok point taken.
Sometimes with pre-paid cards you get some credit added, just thought I read somewhere.
Anyway the visa is very useful for me. Good find.

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Like @Regalia, I’m also confused that your virtual VISA was declined but the physical one went through. Do you mind sharing the BIN of both?

Virtual cards have lower acceptance than physical ones. Especially virtual prepaid debit cards. Different merchants have different appetites for risk

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Sorry, that doesn’t make sense. So how can a merchant distinguish them? As I said before, my virtual cards have the same BIN as my physical cards, so there is now way to know if its virtual or not when I pay with them…

No idea but merchants do have a way of being able to tell. Can’t remember if it’s Uber or the Singaporean equivalent to Uber, but they have blocked virtual cards.

I agree. Some merchants just do not like my virtual card at all. There is a difference.

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