Virtual Cards

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Technology at time boggles me.
IF I get a Virtual Card does that negate my physical card?

Do ‘Virtual’ cards have a lifespan?
Is it like credit cards kept in a Virtual wallet?

You can have both physical and virtual. Also the virtual cards have a normal life span of 5 years.
So yes it’s exactly like you would keep it in a virtual wallet :smile:

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And if you are a Premium or Metal user, then you get an additional type of Virtual card, called a Disposable Virtual card. This is a card that once a transaction is made with it, the card details are deleted from your app and replaced with a fresh one. This is to help combat security issues such as card data being stolen because after that one transaction is complete, those details are no longer useful to anyone.


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Thank you for your informative reply.

@NerdyBiker, I’m curious to know how refunds would work, with a Disposable Virtual card, if the card details are deleted once a transaction is made.

A card is never totally deleted from the system. Refunds work as expected.


@Frank, Thank you :blush: That’s reassuring.

Sorry I didn’t get to replying earlier.

Yes as @Frank said, the details are still linked to you on Revolut’s end, just marked as expired possibly, so when a refund comes in they still know where to send it.

Saying that, I’ve placed 2 orders with virtual cards, and so far both of those orders have been cancelled and the money apparently returned. I am in contact with the merchant to find out why they were cancelled. I highly expect it will be something to do with either the Virtual cards or Revolut in general.


@NerdyBiker, Thanks for the info.

I once had trouble with PayPal because they would not accept a virtual card. Funny enough, someone from this community encouraged me to try it again and it worked. :man_shrugging:t3:

The disposable virtual cards are great btw. I used them in serveral shops where I would not want my data stored.

Con: they cannot be used everywhere because of there is a pre-auth they expire.

True… could be nice to have an option to keep it enable for xx hours instead of 1 transaction.


As a follow up to this, yes both of my orders were cancelled, when contacting the merchant they said payment method was refused. I was using a Revolut disposable virtual card. I have since reordered the products using my normal Revolut card and the payment was successful. So the disposable virtual cards are treated differently than normal Revolut cards causing them to not work in some cases.

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Interesting to know, I’ve never used a virtual card and don’t intend to do so.

Virtuals are ok, disposable have this issue.