Virtual cards greyed out

I have created new virtual cards but after 3 hours they are still greyed out. What does this mean?




Haven’t you frozen this card? From your description it looks like this…

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Don’t worry, your card is working. Had same “issue” with mine. I was so confused, that I have cancel that card and then order the new one (for €6),but the new one came in gray color aswell. From the support chat I found out that my virtual card was perfectly OK and active for all the time. So, I think your card is okay too.
You can always made some small transaction to find out…


Talked to one of the support guys. In the next release they will change the color of the cards as more people find this confusing.


I was 2 minutes away from chatting, too. :smiley:

I can not use my cards! They are in gray, numbers can not be read, and I need them.

Why is this? How do I solve it?