Virtual card


I charge my account with € 100 for the first time and I can not make a purchase with my virtual card. I’m missing a preliminary step?


What is the issue or error message that you’re seeing?


Did you try to reach out our support team?


Yes, I did.



Was your situation resolved?

If not, what error message are you seeing, and do you see it in the app, or the website?


I have made 3 times the purchase attempt, reviewing the data and the message is:

“Operation can not be performed
Error in sent data. Contact your dealer.”


Hi there I have the same problem. I have topped up my card to make an online transaction but the merchant has declined the card
The message I got was literally The Authorisation has been declined by the bank. Please try a different card.
I tried to connect with support but they have not been helpful at all and they have literally told me they will escalate the problem but they have not been even able to tell me how long will it take them to connect with me and how they will try to reach me out
I am not very happy with the experience to be honest


Some merchants don’t accept prepaid cards, unfortunately, and they fail to mention that on their website :confused: