Virtual card with asterisks

Hello, I’m new with Revolut.
I have created a virtual card, but I did not request a physical card. In my account there are 10 €. The virtual card appears with asterisks and therefore I can not use it. Is this normal? Can you have a virtual card without having a physical Revolut card?
Thank you for your help.

Yes you can only have a virtual card for online purchases, without having to order a physicl one. In reality, though, I guess a pysical card is rather useful. I am just not clear what asterisk you are talking about.

Thanks for your help.

I can see the virtual card created, but all information appears with asterisks (card number, expiration and CVV). Is this correct or is it a mistake?


Hmm, I don’t think it was like that when I joined. Could you upload a screenshot of what you see? Don’t forget to erase all sensitive info.

This is the capture:

That should not be like that. Asterisks should be replaced with card numbers and real info. Are you sure you requested a virtual card on the app?

Yes, you can see the different options bellow the card “Disable card”, “Limit”,…

Thanks for your interest.

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I had the same issue with the first two cards I requested, one physical one virtual, they both shown up with asterisks, but new ones show correctly, I am not sure if the physical one I can remove and re-add to show fully like the other physical one, the delete card option says it is irreversible, but then I see a option to link an existing card

I think Revolut needs verification for any virtual card. Is this new? Maybe, I’m not sure, but I have the same Virtual Card with asterisks, and I’m in the verification process right now. I’m waiting for the audit.
Have you done the verification process?
The same thing didn’t happen with an old VC I had.

uninstall revolut, remove the local storage data, cache, etc and reinstall it again
it seems to be a bug, it happened to me too


I reinstalled the App, I cleaned and now it works. Thanks!

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I’m having this with my first and only virtual card on a Free account.
Verification started 2 weeks ago and afaik is done.
Any more hints than re-install?