Virtual Card security



I created a VIRTUAL card in the app to pay for stuff (like games on steam) because my usual card has atrocious fees for EUR (im swiss and use CHF), but it keeps getting declined.

I registered it on paypal for extra security and friendly interface (also other monthly payment through paypal like spotify). Basically i want to replace my credit card with the revolut one for less fees.

I contacted paypal support, and they said nothing is wrong with my card, it should work.

I read that maybe there is something to change in security settings, but they just dont exist in my app.

How can i make my VIRTUAL card work for payment, and make security settings available ?

Thanks for your help !


Declined by Paypal I presume. What did they say?


Nothing, just that my card is valid (got debited 1 CHF and recredited for the activation, so it worked), and the issue come from Revolut.

Read on some posts it may come from location locked or other security stuff, but there is no security option in my app


Well, if they managed to charge and refund an amount it does work. If it then doesnt for other transactions I’d clarify it with Paypal why they suddenly cant charge it anymore.

The security settings apply to physical cards as you cant withdraw from an ATM or swipe a virtual card through anywhere.

I’d contact Paypal and check why they suddenly have difficulties.


Well i contacted support as soon this didnt worked (about a week ago) and nothing changed since (Support told me to wait a few days to see if my card needed activation).

Contacting them again wouldnt do anything since nothing changed since.

Im gonna wait to see if an official Revolut member has an idea on why it doesnt work, but the issue doesnt seems to come from Paypal since the 1CHF “Test” transaction worked, and my other card work too.


Well, then you might need to wait until Paypal gets back to you.

Particularly because the test transaction worked I would assume the problem is with Paypal and not Revolut. But without knowing more from Paypal it is impossible to say and only guesswork.


UPDATE : Work buy purchasing directly with the card (not by paypal) so it indeed seems its a paypal issue.

Just gonna stop using paypal with this card. Support told me no issue, but it doesnt work, and i dont wanna waste my time with this.

EDIT: Also, lets say i have 100 CHF on my balance. I want to buy for 80 Euro (lets say 80 E = 100 CHF). Do i need to convert my 100 CHF into 80 E before paying, or can i pay with the 100 CHF balance and it will convert into 80 E with the same exchange rate and no additionnal fee ?

And the other way around will work the same ? (i have 80 E balance, i buy for 100 CHF, will it work with same exchange rate as if i converted 1st and no fee) ?

And it work with any currency too ?

Thank you for your time !