Virtual Card instead of physical


I open an account in 24 February and ordered a card. So i am waiting and waiting for the card. After waiting i called you. It was not possible. After that i searching and searching in the chat because here is no email and no other phone number. There was the robot and no more good information. And now you dont want to give me a card for free ? Why ? Because of your bad service ?


Phone number which one you called is to block card.
If your card haven’t arrived,contact customer support in app chat .
Type: Live agent and you will be transferred to real person.

State your problems/issues as detailed as possible even if agent is hours away.
They will catch up.


But why do you not have a service line or a real contact from employees with email? Because with the word “live agent” i just experienced here at community chat. And now you dont want to give me the card with the terms at the time i iopened the account.
Here are real employees or just person from the community ? For a statement solution ?


There is few representatives on forum.
Tough they got their working hours.
Most of us on community just normal users :smiley:
You can sort everything in app.
If your card haven’t arrived,speak to customer team,they might send you free one.


Mr. Krzyszt… dont want give me a card like the explained terms.
Here is no complaint management ?
No one here has a interest in image ?
Mr. Krzyszt need a different mind from a other employees.
Here is a real employees to say to him ?
Maybe i need more answers from the community.


What you mean ??
Didn’t get it .


I opened the account in february and ordered a card. But the card dont come to me.
And now he/ they dont want to give me a card for payment.



We should get job in revolut :smiley: :smiley:


Any links on that. ? :slight_smile:
I have missed that :smiley:


Hi there. As I can see you never ordered a physical card, instead you’ve generated a virtual card.

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