Virtual Card fees



I am thinking of issuing a new virtual card which from what I understand will cost me 6Euros. Is that correct?

What I would also like to know is if there is a charge to top-up the virtual card or can I use it directly with the balance in my account.

I am looking for a way to use a card for online payments with a prepaid amount so that I know for sure that even if it’s compromised online the risk will only be the amount within the card.

Looking forward for your answers!




First virtual card should be free.

No, unless you’re topping up with a credit card.

Yep, :r: cards at the moment are pre-paid debit cards. You can manually ‘freeze’/disable the debit card within the :r: app.


Hey there @idet2 :slight_smile:

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

None! Apart from the FX fee (which is free for the first ~6.000€ each month, 0.5% after those ~6.000€), you’ll pay nothing :money_mouth_face:

The physical card acts also the same way :wink:


I already have a physical card so the virtual is not free.

What I don’t understand is if I have to top-up the virtual card (and use it as a pre-paid card) or can it be used directly from the balance in my account.


Ah right, in which case, you will have to pay the issuance fee for additional virtual cards.

Both cards are linked to your :r: account with the 26 currency accounts. There is no need to top-up each one separately.

If you imagine your :r: account as a bowl of water, your physical debit card would be a cup and your virtual debit card would be a small bowl. Essentially, all your debit cards (whether physical or virtual) draw upon the same source.


So I don’t have to top-up and the balance in my account (the “bowl” that you 've described) is the limit but that means that if the card details leak somehow then I have to freeze the card. Is my understanding correct?


Yes. Every card will draw upon the cash reserves in your :r: currency accounts.

Ideally you won’t be transacting with unscrupulous counter-parties, but if your transactions are non-subscription (e.g. One-off.), what you can do is freeze the card, and every time you want to do an online transaction, you can un-freeze the card temporarily, so the transaction can be authorised.

What you could do is set a spending limit, but I’m not sure whether this limit is limited to a single card or your entire account.



That’s what I had in mind!

Thank you all for your help!


I 've just created the new virtual card and to my surprise is not accepted on an online payment.

Is there a way to cancel it and get back the 6Euros since it’s useless?


Hey there @idet2 :slight_smile:

Where did you try to use it at, if I may ask? :wink:


This place:


Hey @idet2 :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert, but these “almost-free-signup-for-an-awesome-gift-and-then-high-as-f**k-hidden-monthly-fee” sites (that’s the actual technical name) refuse prepaid cards because their purpose is to rip people off and prepaid cards are not the best for that :wink:


Also, @idet2, keep this in mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know about this! Nevertheless I still said to myself why not try your luck and that’s why I wanted to use a pre-paid card that could be stopped as soon as the 1Euro was charged.

In any case now that I am not using the card can it be removed from my account and get refunded or not?


You may have to contact :r: regarding this.

However, given how :r: incurs a fee on card issuance, I’m not too sure whether a refund can be arranged. Best contact :r: regarding this.


OK! I will do it in the morning since support is not now available…unless I can reach them somehow through here…


Hey @idet2 :slight_smile:

It will probably be easier to reach :r: through the in-app support chat, but, just in case, let’s mention @AndreasK and ask him if he’s ok and all good.


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