Virtual Card - Disposable

Dear Community,

The concept of disposable virtual cards is great. However only drawback is, as the card only works once (which is great for security reasons), some websites ask for a pre-authorization so the card will consider this as the transaction itself and will block following transactions.
If you’ve been there, you know how frustrating it can be.

Will it be conceivable to allow up to two transactions from the same merchant within a limited time frame based on industry standards?
Keep up the good work!

AFAIK with pre-authorisation, no transaction actually takes place until the merchant calls for it so it shouldn’t present a problem. The call is usually less than the pre-authorisation which effectively finally closes the single transaction.

Agreed, thanks for your input. So I guess you haven’t experienced it so far?
I can’t tell if there’s some kind of pattern or if it’s just random. I would say it depends on the merchant and its payment process, maybe even the company handling payment for merchant. However this hasn’t been backed by science yet.

Revolut treats an authorisation as a potential transaction unfortunately. There’s a specific thing called a card check, but some merchants use small preauthorisation amounts and then cancel them instead

Ah, ok. So I guess the best plan is to be selective about when it is used.

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