Virtual Card/Account Wont Activate

I wanted to activate a virtual card, and it says I need to top up to identify myself. I topped up, and yet I am still being asked to identify myself, and therefore must top up again.
I have done this 3 times, and its still not activated. I now can not get the money back as it requires me to identify myself to activate my account


identifying yourself got nothing to do with toping up

Hey @stuplin :slight_smile:

As with any other financial entity (in which you can’t just withdraw when you’re asked for an ID), you’ll probably not be able to withdraw that money until you’re fully verified.

Then im just confused. To activate my Revolut card, I need to do a quick check to prove who I am. I click on that, and tells me that to verify my identify, I need to top up my account using a bank card that is in my name. I have done this 3 times already, but nothing has progressed. What am I missing?