Virement vers le Canada / Sending money to Canada

Hi Joseph!

Revolut expects a routing number that should be 9 digits long for Canada. I just tried with one and the button gets enabled :slight_smile:

The format for the 9 digits routing number should be 0 + Branch number + Transit number. If you’re not certain about those, you can always look them up online, many website provide them. Example here: Routing Number # 000306507 | Royal Bank of Canada | Transit Number # 06507-003| Regent Avenue Br - 114 Regent Ave W, C/O Regent & Rougeau Br, Winnipeg - MB
(the routing number being 000306507 in my example)

You can find confirmation of this in this topic: Add Canadian account as beneficiary - #3 by Juliopp

One more information: this is a SWIFT payment, so expect to have some fees for this transfer. Revolut will be available for Canadian citizens at one point, when that happens everyone will have local CA accounts in Revolut, and you will be able to make free transfers from France to CA :slight_smile: (I think it will happen during your studies there)

PS: I give the information I have/find, I am a :r: just like you trying to help – you can contact the chat support if you want more definitive answers :wink:

PS#2: Thanks for also posting in English – poke @alessandro :wink: