Virement vers le Canada / Sending money to Canada

Je suis un etudiant Francais et je compte m’installer au Canada l’année prochaine pour y poursuivre mes études. J’ai téléchargé Revolut et commandé la carte pour pouvoir payer et convertir sans frais mes euros en $CA.

J’ai trouvé un appartement, ai commencé à remplir le bail et j’ai besoin de virer 2 mois de loyer comme caution pour valider ma location.

Cependant, lorsque Revolut m’invite à remplir les champs nécessaires à l’ajout d’un nouveau compte bénéficiaire (le propriétaire), je fournis les numéros bancaires et swift renseignés par mon interlocuteur, mais impossible de valider… j’imagine qu’il y a des erreurs sur la forme, différente d’ici, en France. J’ai renseigné :

  • un numéro de compte (7 Chiffres)
  • un numéro d’acheminement (5 chiffres)
  • un code SWIFT (11 Lettres)

Revolut ne me demande pas le numéro d’institution de la banque nationale (que mon propriétaire ma pourtant transmis (3 chiffres)).

En ayant rempli ces champs, le bouton “Ajouter un bénéficiaire” reste grisé… :thinking:

Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

Merci d’avance,



I am a French student and I intend to move to Canada next year for my studies. I downloaded Revolut and ordered the card to be able to pay and convert my euros in CAD at no cost.

I found an apartment, started to fill the lease and I need to transfer 2 months of rent as a deposit to validate my rental.

However, when Revolut invites me to fill in the fields necessary to add a new beneficiary account (the appartment’s owner), I provide the bank and swift numbers filled in by my interlocutor, but I can not validate … I imagine that there are typing errors, here is what I wrote down:

an account number (7 digits) a routing/transit number (5 digits) and a SWIFT code (11 letters)

Revolut does not ask me the number of institution of the national bank (that my owner however transmitted to me (3 digits)).

Having filled these fields, the button “Add a beneficiary” remains grayed out … :thinking:

Can you help me ?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Joseph!

Revolut expects a routing number that should be 9 digits long for Canada. I just tried with one and the button gets enabled :slight_smile:

The format for the 9 digits routing number should be 0 + Branch number + Transit number. If you’re not certain about those, you can always look them up online, many website provide them. Example here: Routing Number # 000306507 | Royal Bank of Canada | Transit Number # 06507-003| Regent Avenue Br - 114 Regent Ave W, C/O Regent & Rougeau Br, Winnipeg - MB
(the routing number being 000306507 in my example)

You can find confirmation of this in this topic: Add Canadian account as beneficiary - #3 by Juliopp

One more information: this is a SWIFT payment, so expect to have some fees for this transfer. Revolut will be available for Canadian citizens at one point, when that happens everyone will have local CA accounts in Revolut, and you will be able to make free transfers from France to CA :slight_smile: (I think it will happen during your studies there)

PS: I give the information I have/find, I am a :r: just like you trying to help – you can contact the chat support if you want more definitive answers :wink:

PS#2: Thanks for also posting in English – poke @alessandro :wink:


Thanks for your answer! I’ll try and let you know if the problem is solved!


Yup! Problem solved! Thank you very much @quentinb

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Hi Joseph,

My daughter is supposed to Canada in September and I was wondering wether to use Revolut card or some basic Canadian bank account with debit card to which we transfer money through Revolut etc…
Thanks for your feedback

Hi Moino,

It’s better if both you and your daughter have a Revolut account and you send her money directly (for free) that way. She will be able to pay there in shops or online, without problem :slight_smile:

Thanks Quentin !

Are U saying I transfer from my EUR revolut in her’s in CAD ? but then she’ll need a Revolut card to spend it right ?
On top, she’ll be eighteen September end, which means we need a backup to start with end of August.

Apologies, I thought she already had a Revolut account.
In that case, the best would be to open a local canadian account and wire some money from your revolut account to her local CA account. There will be some fees (SWIFT transfer).
Many countries require an adult (parent/guardian) to be present for anyone under the legal age. It might be worth checking before sending her there.

If the fees are not too high, I’d suggest just carrying on with it, if she’s happy with her local account. Otherwise you can always switch fully to :r: once she turned 18.

Edit: a good alternative would be:

  • Send her with her existing Euro card from her home country as well as some cash, she will have some fees for paying there but it’s only for a couple of months.
  • Once she turned 18, she can open a Revolut account. You can send money for free, and she can pay/withdraw without fees :slight_smile:
    I feel like that’s what I would do in a situation like this :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I could use some help here :

I also want to send money from my Revolut account in Euros to a Canadian account in Canadian Dollars. It will not be a small transfer (around 1500 CAD)
I’d like to know how to proceed and if there is any extra fees for a transfer such as this.
I really hope this topic is not too old and that I’ll get an answer.
Thanks anyway.

Bonjour tout le monde, j’aurais besoin de votre aide :

Je souhaite aussi faire un virement assez important de mon compte Revolut en Euros vers un compte Canadien en Dollar Canadien.
J’aimerais savoir comment procéder et aussi s’il y a des frais pour un tel virement à l’international.
J’espère que ce topic n’est pas trop vieux et avoir une réponse.

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Dude, you just saved my day with that trick. Thanks.

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Can the standard card be used to make purchases in Canada?