Vietnam payment issue

Hello everyone,

I am currently in Vietnam and I face a problem with payments with revolut card.
When the seller inserts the card in the machine, a message appears few seconds after sayigremove the card…
Out of 15 tries, it worked only twice.

Has someone already faced this situation?
Is it due to card machine or the process?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you .


Does the card gets “fully inserted” into the machine?
If so, do you have magstripe payments disabled in the app? :iphone:
Does the Revolut app give you any error? :slight_smile:

Good day,

Yes the card is properly inserted and after they see the message they try to swap the card with magstrip.

All securities are disabled.

We’ll have to wait until someone from :r: answers… :roll_eyes:

I can confirm this problem which happened in some hotels. However getting cash at VPbank ATM worked well

Hi Adrien

im currently in vietnam and having the exact same problem… did you manage to fix it?