Victim Of Fraud

My account has been frauded or hacked I can’t get into it and iv recieved my card I really need to speak to live agent here and get this resolved

I had the similar issues. Someone has just hacked into my account and taken money. I tried calling numerous times to revolut to report and stop the transaction however there has been no success at all.

Can any help and advise me what to do from here.


The website Cdiscount charged me 79€ (It is in pending payment) today whereas I haven’t ordered anything on their website. Can Revolut please refuse/block the payement ?

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Hi Andreas
This is another message to please give me some sign there is life on my account and someone is out there.

It seems that you are one of the few people at Revolut who I could find that deals with Victims of Fraud. I have had £4849 stolen from my account and my USD account which has investments is also locked. Please send me some sign that someone is looking into it.


Please help

Contact them on twitter or facebook!

Apparently AndreasK wasn’t here for a while (Seen Apr 28) and his last post is from January 24th.

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Hi @zapata
Thank you for replying to my message. Its been almost 8 whole business days. Unfortunately after being asked to wait/promised a response in 48 hours, being made to wait for 8 business days feels like someone has made me a false promise. I have had no choice but to make a formal complaint via the email which takes 15 business days for a response. I hope they can get back to me soon - do you know of other Revolut staff who are active/responsive in the community here?