Victim Of Fraud


Someone has used my card, I have never received one but started getting notifications with payments coming out, I need to report this to revolut but their live chat is impossible.

Can anyone help?


Immediately freeze your card in the app!

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Freeze your card. Type live agent on support to get past RITA or try reach :r: on Twitter or Facebook if you feel that support is unresponsive.


“You can also block your card by dialling +44 2033 228 352.”

Thanks for the replies, I blocked my card, I don’t expect to but where do I stand in getting the money back?

Worse thing is I think it was my neighbour who used it, I’m going to get CCTV footage from the shops it was used in.

If you never received a card how could your neighbour of used the card in shops ?

Have you reported the matter to the authorities? A new card requires a chip & pin first purchase to activate. Is it possible that they also knew your PIN ?

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Gone to his house in error by the postman

Yes, done all the above

Really? That’s interesting, I’ll look into that today but no they wouldn’t have known my pin, their first transaction declined then went through the next two times on contactless

Contactless only works after using the PIN in a POS transaction ?

matter for the police

Looks like they tried the pin which failed then contactless worked, police have been informed

This is a technical security problem. Are Revolut aware to fix the bug ?

I’d tell them if I could actually talk to anyone, but their live chat is hopeless, losing a lot of confidence in this card if I’m honest

Move to premium…chat response is much faster :slight_smile:

I’m not going to pay for a service I’m losing confidence in, anyway, I’ve ordered another card, will this have a different card number on it? Don’t want to load it up while my old card is floating about

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Keep trying the chat and inform them about this – The contactless is not supposed to work until you activated your card with chip & PIN.
The new card will have a completely new number yes.

Poke @AndreasK – can you look into this?

It’s not Revoluts fault if your postman/courier did not do his job and your neighbor did something fraudulently (allegedly).