Victim of a scam


Hello ,
I placed an order on the site to buy 2 new sneakersBalance 574 with a value of 98.79GBP (121,69 €) the domain “” reassured me, thinking that the site is in Britain,
Looking at my account statement, I found that the site is in china, by contacting the seller to ask for news of my order, I had blurred answers with a basic English and has nothing to do with my question. I understand that it is a scam ,I notified révolut for this transaction. And fill a chargeback
So, I would to know If I have a chance that I will be reimbursed And in how long?


Hello @eliamine,

Really sorry to hear that. Did you try to reach our support team?

In the meantime please collect all the emails you have exchanged with the merchant.


Andreas K.


Thank you for your answer
I reached your support team , i fill a chargeback , now i wait that support theam contact me
I collect all the emails With seller.


A adviser chargeback do not understand my complaint
I give Him proove that a scam website but he don’t understand me .