Very Supportive Support and Enjoying revolut


@AndreasK the best responsive support always helps me with my issues. I already recommended 8 friends of mine to use revolut.
Loving here in UK. Gonna travel UAE soon. Will give feedback on it soon.


haha thank you @Leenah, I’m glad I was able to help you!

Always welcome. :wink:


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK. I’m not getting a response to the in-app support and I cannot verify my identity because I’ve made too many attempts (I wasn’t notified the attempts had failed though). There are a few bugs I can tell you about. Please look into this for me.


Hey @blawley, looks like you have managed to verify your account :tada:


Thanks @AndreasK. Kind of but not. Still having trouble getting the physical card out. App has been bit buggy.


@AndreasK Hello my account was blocked for no reason yesterday after trying to buy my brother a gift card. I thought this card would be simple and easy to use but i see a lot of people have been having problems. If it is going to go on like this I would just like my money back please


Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hey there. My account got blocked for no reason I wanted to surprise my
little brother with a gift but tried to buy it was declined then my card
got blockes


I tried to use my revolut account on 24.10.17 and realized that my account was blocked by Revolut, It took me until 02.11.2017 to unblock it, this company has no telephone support, you just email someone and wait for that person to response to your email, you just have to wait you cannot do anything else. imagine that you are on holiday and this happens to you. they just tell you sorry but this is our procedure. they have no sympathy for their customers, just want to cover themselves


I’ve replied to your DM. Could you please get back to me?