Very Slow Support


Been days since i submitted my identity documents but no response


I have a similar topic on here - seems to be popular problem. Some issues raised on here seem to get very quick responses - trying to work out whether premium members get priority or whether responses are random. Whichever it is, the experience is way below what I would expect even from a bank let alone a cutting edge organisation aiming to offer a new way.


@AndreasK - are you able to share the method you use to decide who to help?


There’s no methods. I’m here for everyone.


Could you please upload original photos of your documents and not screenshots or photos from your pc?


I can see that an agent has increased your limits.


I’ve been trying to contact support for days with no response. I can’t access any of my money because my account is still yet to be verified and I’m going to have to borrow money off friends to get me through until next pay day. I wouldn’t mind being told an ETA on verification but the fact that no one has responded to me is very unprofessional


I got a response 36 hrs after uploading docs and the response was they increased my limits and within seconds the cash became available. So a good result but the experience was not good. As I’ve said in another post I think we all want Revolut to succeed - for me they do actually offer something I cant get elsewhere but judging by the number of comments about the no-response issue please Revolut can you consider a ticketing system with tracking and first level holding responses - the void we face especially the first time we raise an issue invokes a level of fear we can do without - perhaps get that right before adding any new features?


Hi @AndreasK , I’m in a similar situation - I’m a premium user and I need this issue resolved ASAP as I have quite a lot of funds in flux right now due to exceeding my verification limit. I also need to know if there’s something more I should provide (I’ve uploaded bank statements etc) If you could check into it for me i’d really appreciate it.


Hi @matt123. Please let me have a look.


Sorted now, thank you


@AndreasK how do I go about getting a response?


Wanda from our support team will contact you via in-app chat right now.