Very slow live agent. Funds still deducted after failed transactions

I tried to withdraw €200 but was unable to. I also tried to make a £35 transaction in a shop that was declined. I since believe it was because the top up was still pending at the time. Although I have never had that sort of wait time before. Anyways since then both amounts have been deducted from my revolut account and I am still waiting to speak to a live agent five hours later. Is the online chat still functioning?

I don’t get replies today either :confused:

Twitter may help though, just dm them

Thanks, still trying to wait for them on live agent and twitter

Did you got estimated time for live agent ?

Nothing, I have still heard nothing from them

Did you type : live agent to get past Chatbot ? :slight_smile:

Yes I have, I did that when I first contacted them. So subsequently I received 4 bot messages saying a live agent would with me unless I typed resolved but there is a very long wait time.

Well the good news is it looks my issue has resolved itself. I still haven’t heard from them so I’ve cancelled the chat