Very interesting bug- BTC exchange


After update app to 4.8 version, when many of us has experienced troubles with the app, I could be rich guy :joy:. Watch this out:

I haven’t tapped, but now I’m crying… :joy:


It is working? I’ve got 4 Samsung galaxy S4 few years ago for 1$ all due to an error on the biggest online shop :laughing:


I’ll give it a try next time :rofl:


Do it now as still they have Btc :)) people might buy them all :joy:


I cannot be so selfish. What would @AndreasK 's boss say? :scream:


Well they will cancel the transaction and give you back the ether… (BTW that’s legal according to fair price policy and practices, but the shop where I’ve got 3 years ago decided to deliver for… Marketing. 150000EUR Loss for 500000eur in advertising value) :slight_smile:

Maybe :r: should “implement an error” :joy: just an hour. Would attract many folks.just saying… Great marketing deal (tho not on crypto exchange)