Very good service


Been using Revolut almost everyday for the last 3-4 months and had no issue at all. It’s been great for me. Support is very responsive (at least for premium users). Can’t wait to introduce those metal cards - my black is already getting tired. Any info regarding the metal cards? (CC: @AndreasK @JessicaZ )

P.S. My bank could be very mad at Revolut as my turnover in the classic account is almost none now haha.


Same here :slight_smile: Happy customer of :r: too


me too! happoy happy


Not using quite as much but really useful especially for splitting bills etc. Great for travels as my main bank kept “freezing” my card because I was travelling (even when informed I was.) Found it great that even if main bank card frozen I could still top up image. Now my back up card has become the card of choice at home and abroad.