Very disappointed


Made a transfer of £7000 from our UK bank account to Revolut account and the amount is still on pending. I have done this transfer 6 days ago. They asked for proof of income. I sent the P60, Payslips for last 3 months plus HSBC bank statement and still did not release the funds. In the last 3 days no answer to my messages from the support team.
Anyone from Revolut can respond to this message?
If I do not get any answer by tomorrow I will have to make an official complaint to Financial Service Authority in UK as this is not fair at all. You do not play with people money in this way.



hi ionel, i have the same problem. transfer 10k - and amount is pending. no answer from revolut. ( not over chat - etp. ) - pending since 7.12

i wait until friday and will be send info Service Authority in UK.


If you guys transfer that much money to a prepaid credit card it’s understandable that Revolut needs to check the source of funds.


i sent £20k last week to my revolut account and it turned up 12hrs later…


I regularly transfer large amounts of money via Revolut without problem, and I understand this is the intended use. Ionel’s negative experience however should be addressed by Revolut.