Very disappointed with customer service representative :(


I am going to attach a screenshot (you will need to click on it to view the full conversation that took place) of what I believe is a terrible customer service. Please do not get me wrong. I love Revolut, but this is NOT how you should treat customers. To be honest, I would like to receive an official response/comment from the company as soon as possible.

Also, just to further explain my original comment in the screenshots: my plane just landed when all of this communication took place. The app update was not automatic (perhaps because I was still on the plane), and the representative of Revolut did not say anything about the need to update the app. Because I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long, and because the company was announcing over and over things like “next month” or “after a couple of weeks”, when I checked the app yet again and the cryptocurrency feature was still off, I wrote a frustrated reply. But… do you really think it’s ok for your customer service personnel to treat people like this??? Surely there were better ways. I even suggested one (see the screenshot). And yet, no apologies whatsoever. Instead, your representative basically told me 1) I was rude, 2) I have bad manners, 3) she only responds well to customers whose manners are good by her standards.


I will correct myself a bit here: the person I chatted with is a PR and Community Manager, not a customer service representative. Still, her position should warrant some knowledge of proper communication with customers.


Hey there, im curious, where is this exactly posted? A direct link please!


it’s on linkedin:


Hey @andriusm :slight_smile:

I fully agree with you here. This is terrible, unacceptableand shameful. The kind of things that would make you want see :r: sink and fail. Are really :r: managers really glorifying themselves this much?

I believe this conversation accurately shows the problem with :r:, and, yes, a public statement should be made from :r: about this.

@AndreasK? @jessicaszabla?


i dont think that one persons words should sum up all of Revolut’s employees


I would like to hope so too. Truly. Because I do love their product. But this is where the company should respond and state something. Until then, it kind of seems like the company endorses this sort of communication.


well since the company is not responding, I’m done with it and all its services. Removed the conversation in LinkIn as well. They can see the screenshot if they want to. Moving on. Simply pathetic customer service.


you can always use another company :wink:


Abu lietuviai, o susirašinėja kaip lunatikai angliškai ir nė velnio vėliau nesupranta.


Hi there.

Really sorry about this.

We’ll be gradually rolling it out to all our users over the next 2 weeks for smother transition. Unfortunately, due to extremely high demand we’re not able speed up the process. However, you can upgrade to Premium or you can recommend 3 friends now and get instant access.