Very bad support service

The worst support that I never received.

I m sure that all the positive feedback on trustpilot are fake.

Today if I don’t get a response from them I go to the police to make a report. It s 2 weeks that I m speaking with robot that ask me always the same thing.

They play with our money

2 weeks that they write me just a couple of message asking me the same question and all the morning I answer and then no answer any more from them.

I have 22.000 Euro in the account locked from 2 weeks. I have to pay the rent and I cannot.

Very frustrating and I m very desasperate

Hi there,

I’m sure @AndreasK can look into this and find out what the situation is.
The explanation is likely they are reviewing the source of your funds, or something similar. Go to the police if you want, but I don’t think that will help you.

In the App, make sure to talk to a live agent, and not a robot :slight_smile:

I can say that at least one of them is not, because I wrote it.

The support is like a robot, I thing that you are not normal user, I thing that you are part of revolut If day that. Consider that all trustpilot revievs have no sense. They are very shorts and they say the same always. I have a webpages and I know how work it. For 2 weeks no answer. No each morning they make me the same question and ask me the same documents. I sent many times.

I am a very real customer, and not affiliated to Revolut in any way other than being just a happy customer.
FYI, they have 1.5 million customers.

I’m sorry you’re having a bad experience, but please don’t think that every other person is fake because of that :slight_smile:

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To involved in write details of the company ( 1.5 milioni of Customer ) for me you are part of The company. Any Way it s not only me that say the same. I will make a report to the police thomorrow if I don t fix the problem. I fly to london and I go directly to a police station to make a report. They cannot play with my money. It s 2 weeks that I m pending about that

That’s the problem right there, it seems truth is subjective for you :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck on that Police report, I still hope someone from Revolut comes around and looks into your case, the delay is definitely too long.

@Claudio please refrain from making such false asumptions about other users here in the forum. Revolut has published user numbers in interviews and press articles. This is all available publicly.

When you opened your account first, you agreed to T&Cs. The personal top up limit is also explained in the FAQs (now Help Center), with an explanation that one should raise this limit before hitting it.

Revolut is not a bank but an e-money company. They are obliged by regulation to follow these anti money laundering practices.

The proper way for complaints would be the Financial Ombudsman of the UK, not the police.

Having said this, I would try to contact Revolut on Twitter, that might speed things up.

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I don t compliant if check about the money, what I complaint that revolut play with money of users. 2 weeks without answer ??? And now that you answer you make me one question por day ( the same One ) and then don t answer ? You live me like a stupid on the chat waiting ? Do you think that this is serious company?

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FYI- they have 2 millions customers :wink:

2 milioni that just downloaded the application or 2 milioni of clients, for me you are not users you are part of revolut also. I think that a user don t waste time telling details of company. You do that because for me you are part of them. But anyway this is the worst application on the market on my opinion and experience. Today no answer again. What is it a okay ? They play with my money ?

On the feedback only bad feedback and on the good review everybody write the same, for me all good reviews are fakes

I am the same client as you :slight_smile:

You are entitled to your own opinion of course, but I don’t think anyone else here will have the time and motivation to prove to you that yes we area real users, and not “part of Revolut”.

If people all write similar reviews, don’t think think it’s because people are just happy about the features?
If you checked TrustPilot, you’ll find that yes there are some negative reviews or mixed ones, such as this one:

They have an average of 7.1/10, so there is room for improvement indeed :slight_smile:

Defintly you are part of revolut. Revolut invest more time on the community and not on the Support. I understood

I work full time for another company, completely unrelated to Revolut, never received a dime from :r:
I’m part in the Community in the sense that I try and help other people yes, but I’m not part of Revolut.

I feel like you’re just trolling us now.

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They has that reviews in trustpilot because most of them are fake. It s very obviously when you see most of review that are the same and short.
People are not stupid. Like I m not stupid if I tell you that I m sure that you are not user. A user don t lose that time like your doing to get the reviews on trustpilot and write what are you writing. Who will read that post will understand sure

You can see that all users that put 5 stars they has just one review in trustpilot, it that normal ? Really really not serious company. That s why I m very disappointed, they play with us. Just look and all users that put 5 stars has just one review. PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID THEY WILL UNDERSTAND MY POST

I don troll nobody I just say what I thing and if you see the review all of them that put 5 stars have just one review on trustpilot, is it this normal ? And the reviews are short similar, donyou think that it s normal that ?

It’s very strange… Now i am really fear to trust my money for this company… How it’s finished this story?

2 weeks and still reviewing. They asked me like if who write on the chat is a robot por 3 days the same questions and then no answer again. They begin to write me after that I did all that on the community, if not I was still waiting