very bad move


You seem to have pulled a server for maintenance for an hour. its now 2 hours on and still down. This stuff should be done at night to cause minimum disruption. I’m stuck with a useless card that won’t top up.
You have a great product being let down greatly.


Hi there. Our servicer is not down. Could you please provide more info so I can help?


I have not been able to top up but got a red message to say 3 to 330 topups
would not work 19th 12. Well i can t top up


You have a daily top up limit for recently added cards. You can learn more bout this in the FAQs. In the meantime, top up higher amounts via transfer.


Whats the limit Frank


It’s personal, not gerneral. You can read about it and how it increases over time in the FAQs.