Very Bad experience - Verification Pedning


Dear support , I have opened my Revolut account via App. I had uploaded Verification documents 5 days before but it’s still showing as Pending Verification and not allowing to even to do any action.
I am frustrated. Could you please sort out this? I am unable to reach customer care support team via app…It’s not working even and no contact no as well…

Is it risk to open Revolut account now?

@AndreasK @jessicaszabla

Please help me. My account blocked!! I can’t do anything…even can’t chat…No contact…I am really frustrated.

Below issues are:

  1. I am sure my account got blocked, so first unblock it.
  2. I had uploaded document 5 days back and it’s still showing that pendign verification…Please help to resolve this.

Many thanks.


@AndreasK please can you take a look? Same problem for me. After 5 days, new documents required, but no info what documents or where and how to send (I uploaded my ID card on support chat). Please advise. Online help from application seems stuck.


Online dosen‘t Antwort my question. Verify is since 3 days pending. :sweat:



Hey @abhay_k @fanelaru @lqiang79 :slight_smile:

Please check this:


I also have verification pending. Bryan responded and Jessica via Twitter and I still waiting that the appropriate person contact me and solve the issue. I have topped my account with 50e and currently can not use it.


Thanks issue resolved now

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