version 5.5 enables more than 2 cards on 1account



Sadly, it enables 3 cards only for selected countries, aka those who have Maestro.

While I’m not able to order a Maestro card, nor able to have a Premium MC, a classic MC and a Visa if I travel to BeNeLux or Germany my Revolut cards will be totally useless.
More, according to some reports here on Google Pay classic Mastercard if are added on Google Payments NL are automatically Maestro.

Evrika! But… not! Because I have a premium one and a visa. I had to remove my classic Mastercard so I can’t try. And now, Emma, from support is telling me that no… I can’t have 3. Even if it’s written on :r: website that I can have up to 3 without any restriction mentrioned, more, the website is the "romanian"version…

@AndreasK send this to those who are working with the FAQ section, the website and the marketing. Is very, very frustrating and I kinda got angry now because I’m going to BeNeLux soon and they’re still using stoneage cards…

Thaks :expressionless: