I received my revolution card today because I strong textpaid €20 express. I was constantly getting messages to activate my verification. So I took a photo of my passport and then I had to take a selfie. It is not easy to take a photo of my passport in the little window they provide. I took a photo and uploaded it and it pending all day and probably will for the next six months. They tell you to use the chat but it says it is for premium users. I used their chat and uploaded another photo and have not heard anything. I am going on holidays the 23rd May to the USA and thought it would be good to have. This is why I paid express which I now regret a waste of money. I would not recommend this service as there is no phone number to contact them to help with this verification. Most services have a customer helpline the number they provide is only if you lost your card or it was stolen. Disaster.

The in app support chat is not for premium users only. Just make sure to type in “live agent” to be forwarded to an actual support person. Initially the support chat is routed through a bot that tries to match your question with FAQs.

Thanks, when I clicked on it nothing happened.

Are you navigating to…

Chat to us

In the app

This service is a nightmare

I had a friend sign up last night and had some issues verifying via the automated way due to his photos not being good enough, but since then he contacted support using the steps @TonyP mentioned; More -> Help -> Chat To Us, typed “live agent” and has since had support look at his verification.

Have you tried these steps or just sat there and waited when the automated system couldn’t verify you?

I took your advice and typed live agent and also used Twitter to send a message. They contacted me through the chat. The selfie didn’t verify with passport. I did have the passport photo professionally taken and I think he may have airbrushed me. I had to send a selfie holding my passport and it was verified. Thanks a million for the help and advice. TJM

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@AndreasK hi! I continue to receive an email saying to upload an ID card but when I enter the app and put the code it says error and try later. It shows like this for 2 months now. So how can I access my app?

@AndreasK hello I am a police officer and I have a police ID wich revolut doesnt recognize please help thank you

@AndreasK Hi, my phone died and the one i have right now is with broken front camera so i can’t verify myself, can you please help?

Hi, I’m new and I have a few days trying to verify my ID and didn’t succeed, any suggestion?

Hi, I sent my verification details three days ago and I still haven’t got any reply. Any help? Thanks.