verifying the card

Dear Support Team,

Sorry, not clear to me, what does it mean verifying the card:

“To verify your top up card, just check your online banking and find a top up to Revolut which looks like Revolut1234. Next, go to the ‘Top up’ section on the app, tap the ‘info’ button beneath the photo of your debit card and enter the code here. That’s it!”

Where should I find what? Sorry, I can’t understand this, please help!
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-1) Top-up your Revolut account with your debit card.
-2) Go to the online interface of the bank that issued your debit card.
-3) Look at the transactions list.
-4) Find the transaction that is associated with the Revolut top-up.
-5) Find the digit code that appears with the Revolut top-up (As the example suggested, 1234).
-6) Enter the verification code (For example, ‘1234’ from ‘Revolut1234’.) in Revolut.

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I verified the card and enterd the code, however the ammount taken hasn’t yet been unlocked. The sum is quite hefty (about 50EUR) so I would like to know how long does it take to be returned.

What do you mean by “returned”? Returned to the card account associated with the card you used for the top up?

If you’re talking about a pending credit card payment and how long a declined payment might take to be reverted back, you can search for this. This is not specific to Revolut and the same for all debit/credit cards.

Hope that helps.

I am talking about a pending/blocked ammount used to verify the card. I have checked the bank statement and the sum is not pending but was already payed.

Revolut usually does not do a separate verification transaction. It is an actual top up transaction that is used for this. Have you checked if the money was credited to your Revolut wallet?