Verifying source of funds question


Hi guys,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have a question about submitting documents to verify my source of funds while traveling.

I left my job in my home country roughly 4 months ago to work and travel abroad. I only learned about Revolut while overseas as a way I could pay for things with reasonable fees etc so I didn’t open my account and verify my funds before leaving.

I had saved enough money before leaving home that I could live without working for a few months and after that time I got a part-time job to keep me going but still used my home bank account to top up my account. I also used my Revolut account to get paid for this job.

Now at this point I have moved on to a full time job and I was hoping to continue getting paid through revolut because I’d how easy it is when visiting home. However at this point I can’t top up my account because I have hit my top up limit. I also have a pending payment from the part-time job I have since left that I can’t access because of the limit.

So at this point I don’t have 3 recent months payslips because the money that I regularly top up my revolut account with from home came into my account originally when I was working roughly 4 months ago.

So my question is this: can I submit these old payslips from my home country as the source of my funds? Its simply because I still have money in my home account that I would like to use with my revolut account until I get paid from my new full time job.

I’m sorry that this is a bit all over the place, thanks for your help!


Hello, as long as this is a proof of revenue, I think it will worked :slight_smile:

The best solution is to request a topup increase in the inapp chat :slight_smile:


Great, I’ll give it a go. Hopefully it will work. :slight_smile:


how long did it take to revolut to verify?


It probably took less than 24 hours. The money that was pending was then available straight away.