Verifying Identity- Payment issue


To who ever can reply to this,

Ive had ny Revolut account for almost a month now and during that entire time no advisor from Revolut told me i had to verify my identity in order to get me my own unique account until a few days ago which is annoying because i had transferred money in to my account and i forgot to add the reference number and added my own name as reference and it took about 4 days or submitting proof and arguing that the money was mine. My problem now at the moment is that i just tried topping up my account and it said it limit exceeded and it needs to verify my identity which when i went to the verification and limit option it said it will take just 10 minutes, its been more than 2 hours now and i needed to top up just a bit more money so revolut could take their £6.99 tonight. Can someonr please help me with this??

Also i recently sent some money to a friend of my friend because we went football and he hired the pitch so i needed to pay him back. I sent the transfer on Sunday and on Thursday which is two days ago i was told that i was required to send proof of the beneficiary including address and date of birth which doesnt make sense as why would you request personal details like that? You only need the bank details.

When i spoke to an advisor about this, whose name is Melissa she didnt explain properly but i was like okay just refund the money and she didnt end the chat instead, so now i cant spesk to an agent nor is she replying so could someone from Revolut help me with this ASAP

Thank you