verifying id card


I would like to take pictures of an ID card without its number, should it suffice?


they must verify your document complete and unadulterated


they do not just have to compare data and photos!


Yes, they do. The document needs to be complete.


for starters they need to know the document is authentic


I assume you’re polish. Use your driver license, because you can’t take a loan with it.


while I bought something on eBay ,the company required verification with a personal ID,but in the end I did not send them I received the product ,I really suggest something to change

how do you check after the number id card ,when you do not have access to it in a different way ,no need.


Was it a Chinese vendor?
I read in this community that they sometimes ask for pictures of the credit card.

However, services like :r: require a proper identification.

no ,   German    .     ..............


I never experienced that and I doubt I would send such images of my ID to any vendor but banks, :r: or other services surely need a proper legal basis and that is a copy of an official document In think.

Same with the annual Top-up Limit. Prove where the money is from and everything is fine.


In addition: If they sold to a criminal (fraud of any kind) they have a clue who they sold to. No need to verify via any database maybe.