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I’m trying to set up a business account for my company. I have managed to verify all information except our “corporate structure”. My accountant provided me with a registry extract that displays that information + their signature and scanned it. However, I receive the following reply from support:

“The submitted document cannot be accepted, because it is not certified by a notary as a true copy of the original. To complete the verification process, please submit this document (registry extract/articles of association), dated in the past 3 years, certified as a true copy of the original by a notary or a registered lawyer or chartered accountant with a valid registration number in EEA or an external auditor.”

The message literally says that an accountant with a valid registration number needs to sign the document, and that’s literally what is happening here. The signature of my accountant is visible on the document, and I have included a separate confirmation letter that confirms their registration number (which is also visible on the signature of the registry extract).

Any ideas what exactly is the problem here? Obviously, I can’t really share that document here, but maybe someone had a similar experience before and can share some insights?



Hello @TomTasche :wave: ,

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We understand your worry about the document you provided. Unfortunately, we’ll need to check your account thoroughly to gain a better understanding, which isn’t feasible on Community at the moment. Please reach out to us via email at so we can help you further. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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