Verifying account still waiting for over two days and top up limit restricted to 200 for year!

Hi I am still waiting for card to be verified message still says within one hour after two days! I am traveling today and need to activate card urgently. Please can someone advise and how to increase top up beyond 200 per year limit!

Thank you very much

Hey :slight_smile:

Once you’ll get an agent from the verifications team, he or she will be able to tell you the required docs for your limits to be lifted or increased. Those are usually your ID, selfie, source of funds…

And Thanks Juliopp, I have already submitted all my verification documents and still waiting for these to be verified - no responses for two days! How long will it be before a response? Thanks

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Hey :slight_smile:

I do not know that unfortunately. It should be no longer than three days, but it seems that :r: is struggling to keep up with demand… Which is good but bad at the same time. You can ask @AndreasK to check this for you, but you can also ask the :r: team at Twitter to speed this up. It usually works pretty fine :wink:

Your account is fully active! Thanks for your patience.