Verifying account and no response from in-app support

Pretty much as the title says, I’ve uploaded my ID but it is still showing as processing. Whilst I’m sure it can take some time, and don’t mind that, nobody is responding on the in-app support channel.
Any way to find out the status of my account without having to talk to the support through the app (which based on heaps of other posts here and elsewhere doesn’t seem to be working properly)?

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Hey @tomthefinn :slight_smile:

The chat does freeze while you’re being assigned a verification agent (which might take some time :frowning:)

You can always head to Twitter to ask for an update:

They’re usually nice and fast, and it usually helps speed things up :wink:


Thanks for the advice! I had already sent a message on Twitter and am waiting to hear back, just trying to find some way that someone will actually get back to me…

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We’ve verified your account :slight_smile: