Verifycation code top up

Hello everyone,

The app is asking me to introduce the top up verifycation code thats supposed to be on my card statement. But I cant find it, I tried every number on the statement and now it is blocked!!

Can someone please help me?!
Thank you!

Could you please help me please @AndreasK

Could you please help me?! @jessicaszabla

Sure. Are you able to send me a direct message?

How can I do that??
Thank you!

How can I send a direct message??

Hola @antonioralmeida :slight_smile:

You’re not able to send DMs yet as you’re a new forum member. You will be able to do so in 1-2 days. Meanwhile, you’ll need @AndreasK to manually start the conversation from his side :wink:

Thanks!! I was chatting with support but she stopped answering 4 hours ago, and I cant start a new chat with support. Do you know what can I do??

Hola de nuevo @antonioralmeida :slight_smile:

Please, keep in mind :r: support has closed for the day ( If you don’t get an answer tomorrow or @AndreasK does not show here tomorrow, you can always ask them through Twitter :wink:

Thank you! I’ll do that! :smile:

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Good morning guys!

I’ve sent you @antonioralmeida a direct message :slight_smile:

Hi @anon33247966
I have the same issue… i tried to install the app on a new phone and enter a new number, i verified by SMS but now im stuck on a ‘verify your bank card’ screen in the app… its saying a 'Revolut Card Code 1234 will appear on my linked account statement, but it has not (just called my bank and they can see nothing either)

its been like this for 14 hours… i have no reply from the in app chat, and i’m abroad with no access to my funds… not a good situation

Can someone help me?

Hello, can you help me?