Verifycation code top up


Hello everyone,

The app is asking me to introduce the top up verifycation code thats supposed to be on my card statement. But I cant find it, I tried every number on the statement and now it is blocked!!

Can someone please help me?!
Thank you!


Could you please help me please @AndreasK


Could you please help me?! @jessicaszabla


Sure. Are you able to send me a direct message?


How can I do that??
Thank you!


How can I send a direct message??


Hola @antonioralmeida :slight_smile:

You’re not able to send DMs yet as you’re a new forum member. You will be able to do so in 1-2 days. Meanwhile, you’ll need @AndreasK to manually start the conversation from his side :wink:


Thanks!! I was chatting with support but she stopped answering 4 hours ago, and I cant start a new chat with support. Do you know what can I do??


Hola de nuevo @antonioralmeida :slight_smile:

Please, keep in mind :r: support has closed for the day ( If you don’t get an answer tomorrow or @AndreasK does not show here tomorrow, you can always ask them through Twitter :wink:


Thank you! I’ll do that! :smile:


Good morning guys!

I’ve sent you @antonioralmeida a direct message :slight_smile: