"Verify you top up cards"? No 4 digit code in my bank statement


Hi there!

I have a little problem. Today I opened my Revolut app and I’ve got the"verify your top up cards" screen. Then I opened my bank account to search the transaction and there is not any 4 digit code what the the app wants.
What should I do?

Could somebody help me?



It might be in the transaction details. Have you checked “pending” card transactions? You might want to call your bank, they might have access to the transaction texts. Its the same method Paypal uses to verify cards that one wants to add to a Paypal account.


Unfortunately the details box is empty (where the comments are) . :\ this is why I don’t know what should I do? I have made PayPal verification so I know the process.


Have you talked to your bank if they show all details for pending transactions? They might have access in their backend. What is your experience with the card you used? Do all informations about the merchant usually show up immediately or a couple of days later?


Yes. Right now. They told me the right numbers and I am being verified. BUT the result is “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons”… Any other idea?


You need to contact support to resolve this :expressionless: .


I have sent a message to @AndreasK . Maybe he can help me. :slight_smile: thanks btw:)


We’ve unlocked your account :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K