Verify source of funds - with PDFs. Also, business owner.

They can’t. Telling you what triggered it would render AML useless.

What do you mean as AML?

In short: if you tell people how to get around the checks, the system becomes useless.


Hi, My name is Panos.

I have already send the documents in order to verify my account days ago, but still waiting for a response.
Can someone help me on that? I don’t know if I make something wrong or this is just the procedure.

It is a normal step from Revolut, but it takes long, My first review was 3-4 weeks in december. But Revo working on to speed up the process. Please, write here how many days does it take your review.

Oh, mine took three and a half month…

Waiting for over 3 weeks now on a response from Revolut for my source of funds verification. Revolut keep telling me that they will contact me as soon as possible but at this point I lost all hope of ever getting to see my account unlocked. And this saying that they also Locked me out of my investing portfolio. :sob: