Verify source of funds - with PDFs. Also, business owner.

I’m wanting to verify my source of funds, for which the app offers to upload pics of real documents. But all my documents are PDFs. So, how to proceed? Taking pics of the displayed PDFs sounds terribly wrong…

Also, I have my own business so in my experience this kind of verification can be messy. Furthermore, there is no checklist with the concrete pieces of information that are needed, and I see other people complaining about uploading docs and not receiving any answer. So… how will I know whether my uploaded docs are enough or not? Am I supposed to just come back after some timeout and ask/complain/rant? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

just upload the PDFs, worked for me :tm:

But, how? The app only gives access to the pic library, not to documents or the filesystem… right?
(I’m on iOS/iPhone)

on android even if you start.on the pictures folder you can move to downloads etc. I assume the same is possible on iOS.

No, that’s the thing: iOS until recently didn’t even allow access to the filesystem. The iOS Revolut app in its source verification screen allows to choose a pic, which is an item from the pic library; there are no folders to move to.

One can store PDFs in iCloud, or in other apps, but Revolut doesn’t give access to any of those, as far as I can tell.

not ideal but ?

@AndreasK? do you know what’s the trick to upload PDFs for the onboarding on iOS?

I could do the conversion to JPGs or whatever format myself and make them find their way into the pic library, but there must be a better/more official/less hackish way…

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Have you contacted their support about that issue?

AFAIK they have an email address for this case.

You might have to add the “Files” app to iOS.

In chat, tap on the paperclip. It should give you three options: Photo Library, Take Photo, Document.

“Document” allows you to select a PDF that is either stored on the phone locally or via iCloud.


But should I just start uploading stuff to the chat, without some intro? Should I say something so the bot directs things somewhere? etc, etc

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I thought posting here is as close as it gets to contacting their support? I haven’t seen any email address.

That here is the community. Their support is in the application under “chat to us” and then type “live agent” to skip the chatbot.

Well, I would always talk to people. In my experience, psychic abilities are extremely rare and I am relatively sure that it’s not on the job profile for Reovlut support agents. :wink:

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they will read the log anyway, so to keep them busy upload everything you can imagine they want so they get busy immediately after you reach the front of the queue

Yep, I also prefer talking to people - not to bots. Also, to people who is related with the problem at hand - not to a responder who might or might not know why I’m not using the fund source verification screen included in the app, not what exact kind of documents are needed.
In summary, I was expecting something like “ask for this exact thing, they know what to do” or “hey I’m from revolut I’ll take over from here on the chat” or “hehe oops we just fixed that bug”.

they read the lot even if your request hasn’t been escalated yet. they move your entire chat around from one queue to another… that’s why you can easily die of starvation if you got assigned to someone’s queue and then that human disappears or gets stuck at other problems

I’m not crazy about the idea of blindly uploading my financial information to some chat. Again, that’s why I’m asking about concrete procedures.

I have accounts in multiple banks. Some of them treat their help system as something integral to their banking service, where one can discuss sensitive information and the responder clearly has access to my data. Other banks are more like “never ever send anything sensitive even if you’re asked to”, and the responder will tell me to call some concrete bank phone number to deal with sensitive things. I don’t know what policy does Revolut’s in-app chat follow, so I default to being cautious.

But OK, I see that at any rate I should move to the chat and see what happens there.

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very fair point

Revolut is not a bank… but they are regulated by the FCA so at least some procedures must be in place to keep these documents safe and promptly destroyed.

opening an account with revolut certainly requires a pretty big leap of faith… and a lot of patience.

is this a business account or a personal account?

once you get enqueued to raise the top up limits of a personal account you are “trapped” there and everything is for the right team. similar happens when on the onboarding queue.

if no human answered after you entered live agent it’s a good hint you are already on the right queue. normal customer support is quite quick actually, once it’s escalated you can sit there for weeks… literally.

How long does verification take?
I’m waiting since 2019.dec.04. and nothing happens. Support is not responding.


After 2-3 weeks NOTHING happening, Revolut asked my papers + docks again from my basic bank that proves my salary and my incomes. Than Revolut un-blocked me and now I can use everything same as before. Nobody answered what was the reason or trigger for this investigation.