Verify progress bug



today I decided to verify my card so I could be able to transfer money to friends when needed as well.
Since today that I was unverified card was working ok.
auto verify progress got 2x times on error so it asked me to manually take some pictures and upload them. I did that successfully as well. right after it opened support tab with auto message of “Ive uploaded my identity documents. Please review them.”

Now starts my problem. “Send” button is grey and I can’t click it. I login off and on and by another device, and going to support tab, I can’t send anything. as well my Years top up limit went from 1000€ to 0€ saying me I reached the max.

please have a look on this. thank you.

PS: Verification message is still On Process, guess till you sometime someone see it manually, but I can’t contact support for that.


Hello @FeVerSeCtioN,

As I can see the photos provided are not readable so the app cannot proceed with your ID verification. No need to worry, just contact our in app support team via the in-app support chat, so we can help.