Verify income source. Salary Held by Revolut.


My employer sent my salary to my Revolut account instead of sending it to my Lloyds account. It was a mistake on their end as I recently got the Lloyds account, but now my salary is held by Revolut because I need to verify my source of income.

I’ve opened a case via the in-app chat and sent 3 pay slips as requested, but I need this process to be sped up ASAP, as I need to pay my rent very soon and I need the money in the account. Can you escalate this @AndreasK , please? Paying rent is my main concern right now.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Hi there.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a delay due to high demand for our support team. However, I’ve passed this along to them and an agent will contact you via chat shortly. Thanks for your patience!


Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your reply. Any ETA you can provide me? This is urgent because of the rent that I need to pay…

Thank you.

Best Regards

This is now settled! Thank you very much!


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