verify identity poor picture quality

Upload doc and selfies. Then it says the pictures was of low quality. Then upload another scanned picture of doc. Still cannot verify identity. In-app support has no response. How do I verify identity manually??

Retry outdoors in the daylight is my suggestion, worked for me - mobile cameras doesn’t like indoor low light conditions.

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I already uploaded the scanned picture but its been a long time and verification still shows processing. Elena from the in-app chat support never replied to me besides the initial “Hi, can I help u?”

Are you sure you managed to frame the images correctly? It was a bit tricky to do even in daylight as far as i remember. A scanned and trying to get it processed manually? God luck witth that during the weekend. I’d try the automated process again.

I thought support was 24/7. Why no one has replied me on the in-app support?

Most likely the support is minimized during the weekend so you’ll get an answer, just dont expect it to be in real time.

I had trouble verifying myself almost a year ago, after having tried the process a few more times in daylight hey presto - it worked.

Your account is now fully active!:tada:

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