Verify identity issue

Hi I don’t have a field with verification and security I cannot use my card cannot pay and I have verified my identity before what is the problem with my revolut

Hi. Revolut keeps asking me to provide proof that I live in Hungary. I have sent pics of my permanent residency permit at least three times and receive the reply that they need a government document. This card is a government document. Communication through the app is difficult as the screen of my mobile is shattered and I can’t get a new phone because of the coronaviris lockdown. Any ideas?

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The app runs in some Android emulators on desktop computers. You could give that a try to contact support.

I am experiencing the same problem, the identity has not been confirmed twice already. Live chat doesn’t work because my identity isn’t verified, who to contact?

I have one question about veryfing my identity. I’ve already scan my ID card and my face and I send it to Revolut and i still didn’t get any feedback from them about my Revolut card. Thanks

Hello, I have issues with my identity verification, few months ago revolut asked me to verify my identity once again… I tried several times, even “chat with us” but it’s still pending, please help me!

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Hello Revolut Community
I tried several times to verify my identity, it got accepted but more than 10 days have passed and I still don’t have any message or status, it still says that I need to verify, I even created the short video and every time I finish verifying it still says that I need to get verified, I don’t really understand?

I have the same problem, I already verified my ID but I still need to do it and I can’t transfer money or use my virtual card. What can I do or who I must contact?

Hi. I set up a revolut account and after I added money it asked me to verify my identity but I could not do so as I then found out I am underage and cannot use revolut. Anyone know how I can get my money back and delete my account until I am the appropriate age?

Same thing here I need to contact a support on chat. Only thing I can do after logging in is sending the picture of my ID but it fails every time I send it. It might be because of a wrong name or surname in my profile details but hmm yeah I can’t acces them because I cannot do anything on my accout part of sending my ID that will not match the profile information. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what should I do to get in touch with support, how to use chat or how to fix every problem my account has.

I contacted them with the app, i just opened a chat and tried to verify again, a girl accepted my papers after doing that :slight_smile:

I’M STILL! WAITING 3 months passed, I cannot take my money, I think I need to take some actions…!

Hello there. I’m also having the same problem when uploading my Greek National Identify Card. Any chance I can get assistance?

Hello, I tried to create the business account on behalf of a local UK company director (with his permission), and I am in a different jurisdiction. I have been advised that the application cannot progress as I am not in the UK/EEA. The local director would like to progress with a new application himself but cannot as my unfinished application is still there, Is there any way we could delete the old application and start again with the local director completing the application?

Many Thanks.

I tried to verified my identity , i took photo of my passport and when i take a selfie the app freezes . My phone’s screen locks and when i unlock it it asks me to take a selfie again but the button to take photo misses. I tried to chat , the system informed me to that roughly in 9 mins i can speak with a live agent , 3 hours passed and nothing. Any syggestion ?

Hello. I’m trying to verify my Revolut card for two weeks. I’m a refugee and I’m from Greece. I’ve got the permit to live here, in the paper form. When I scan and send the file, it does not accept and I need that validity really immediately. I demand help, please don’t oversee me.


Hi, same here I have tried toe verify my ID( i dont have a passport) numerous times but it’s not accepted. Can you please help me somehow it’ s getting rediculous.