Verify identity issue


I tried few times to verify the identity, I used passport, Notional ID, but no success.
can you please help me with this issue?

thank you


Hey @Ionut Could you please drop a message to our business support on the website? They will be able to help you :man_mechanic:

I cannot pass the verification. I tried with passport and National Id.

I left a mesaage to the support , they said will redirect me to the correct team, but nobody contacted me. I did this yesterday.

Are you referring to the business account or to a personal account?

Hello, to a personal account.

Hi @Ionut. An agent has contacted you on chat, please respond at your earliest convenience :slight_smile:

nobody contacted me…

I can’t get verified either - 3 times - once with my passport and twice with my national ID card

Hi guys, my phone got stolen! I bought a new phone and got a new number. I can not log into my APP. I used my previous number and it did not work! How do I chat with someone IF YOU CAN ONLY USE THE CHAT IN APP!!! I CAN’T GET INTO THE APP!!! Infuriating.