Verify identity issue


I tried few times to verify the identity, I used passport, Notional ID, but no success.
can you please help me with this issue?

thank you


Hey @Ionut Could you please drop a message to our business support on the website? They will be able to help you :man_mechanic:

I cannot pass the verification. I tried with passport and National Id.

I left a mesaage to the support , they said will redirect me to the correct team, but nobody contacted me. I did this yesterday.

Are you referring to the business account or to a personal account?

Hello, to a personal account.

Hi @Ionut. An agent has contacted you on chat, please respond at your earliest convenience :slight_smile:

nobody contacted me…

I can’t get verified either - 3 times - once with my passport and twice with my national ID card

Hi guys, my phone got stolen! I bought a new phone and got a new number. I can not log into my APP. I used my previous number and it did not work! How do I chat with someone IF YOU CAN ONLY USE THE CHAT IN APP!!! I CAN’T GET INTO THE APP!!! Infuriating.

I’ve tried 9 times to verify my identity but it won’t work and now I can’t even access my account anymore until I verify my account WHICH ISNT WORKING

Hello, I am having the same issue. I tried twice to verify my identity with my passport and my ID as well and none of them worked.
Is there another way to verify my identity ?


I have tried to verify my identity five or six times on the app with my drivers license but it fails to be accepted! My passport is out of date so it’s the only government ID I have, can anyone help with this?

I cant accessmy app as revolut have locked my out requesting information by way of ID it does not specify which ID it requires so i have taken pics of drivers license passport and council tax bill uploaded docs in the chat option 4 days ago im still awaiting response and help, although id settle for night fairies dancing on rainbows right now, can any one help kind regards

Hi there, I just had all that I own stolen including phone, laptop, revolut card. I’ve frozen the card thru the automatic phone line - great option thank you revolut. @AndreasK is it possible to get a new revolut card sent asap? So grateful for your assistance, as I’m stranded in Costa Rica with no access to funds til I get a new card, and no access to the app.

@AndreasK I’d really love to hear from you :innocent:

Im having a Issue with verifying my identity aswell any chance ye could get back to me

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i’ve got the same issue after updating my revolut app. though my phone number and passcode remain the same, I am now using a different email address. The app keeps sending a confirmation email to my previous address however I need to find a way to update it to my new email address in order to be able to log back in. any idea how i can do that?

I’m unable to verify my account

Hi I need help, plesae. My identity hasn’t been verified yet. It’s been three days and I can’t use the money I have in the account or even send it to another bank account.