Verify Identity fails

I don’t personally use social media. Maybe some body here with the same problem could?

So bassically this thread and whole bugs section is poinltes because there is no revolut employees here? And only way to contact them is via social media?

Just because it’s not a support channel doesn’t mean it’s pointless. But that’s just my opinion.

My recommendation: get ahold of a support agent. And the most effective way to do this without access to the app is via social media.

Could somebody on here please let revolut know there is a problem with the app and identity verification? I would but I am not on social media.

I joined revolut comunity of my country on facebook and I found out that it might be caused by bad light on photo of ID or on selfie, so when I took my selfie I stood under the lamp, same with ID and it worked perfectly and now I have revolut account

I’ve sent dm via instagram, they didint reply, but it is working now