Verify Identity Button


Hello - I’m trying to verify my identity via the Profile section of the App. But there is no button to use to allow me to send my photo. I have checked the card by using it in the UK, and it works fine - but the Q&A section of the Revolut website says if you use the card without verifying identity, you do so at your own risk. Can anyone help please?


Do you have a British account?


Hello Alessandro. Yes, my account is in GBP


If you have a British debit card you might be able to perform the verification with a simple top-up (that works for now only in the UK as far as I know). If that doesnt work and there is no verification button in your settings you might have to go through support I am afraid.


Thanks. I have topped it up using my debit card from my UK bank. So I guess I’ll have to wait until I travel to Europe to see if it works. Thanks again.


If your account does not show up as verified I’d definitely go through verification before you travel as you otherwise might encounter issues.


Your account is verified :slight_smile:


Oh - thanks Andreas. Is that because its a GBP card and I live in UK? I didn’t do anything to verify it, other than purchase something in GBP in UK. Thanks anyway.


Some UK users won’t need to verify their identity, as we’ll do it electronically behind the scenes. UK users should try and top-up their Revolut account with a debit card first.


Thanks again Andreas.

One more question please, to clarify how to use the card: When I travel to Europe will I need to load my card with Euros, or should I just have GBP? From what I can gather from your website I can do either. Load with GBP and spend in Euros and get the exchange rate at the time, or load the card with Euros if I think the GBP to Euro is at a good exchange rate. Is it really as easy as that?


Yes it’s as easy as that.

Bear in mind though that if you purchase in euros whilst travelling at the weekend you will receive a worse exchange rate than during the week when the markets are open. To avoid this you may consider converting some funds from GBP to EUR during weekdays if you are likely to use the card over the weekend - your decision of course.


That’s great Tony, thanks very much for the confirmation - and the tip! Happy hols :slight_smile: