Verifing ID

Newbie to Revolut. The app tells me that my document are being reviewed. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. Getting fed up at this stage. Can I try and re send documents

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Its been weeks for me. Noone to talk to. No way to get my funds and just point 22.

Hey @Richie1957 :slight_smile:

This can take up to three days. If it does take longer, then that’s not normal and you should seek support, probably through, for example, Twitter:

Bit of a luddite here - dont do twitter. anyway - heres hoping

Might push me into using Twitter and might get “hooked”

Then, let’s tag @AndreasK who might be able to sort this Twitterlessly :wink:

Thanks Juliopp. Never got the “Twitter” thing. Guess its (without revealing it), my age

Hey @Richie1957 :slight_smile:

I would never have guessed the age from someone named “Richie1957” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still, Twitter should be a secondary channel and definitely not official. So, let’s wait for Andreas and hope he can help you get this sorted out ASAP :smile:


Same issue here.
No problem by ordering the card, then i’ve uploaded ID and photo and still waiting.
Any help?

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Problem sorted. Eventually made contact via their app chat system. Account up and running. Thanks again for your advice and assistance.

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Hi there. Please let me have a look for you.

Andrea - problem solved via your online chat system. Person explained that you were very busy.