Verifing ID


Newbie to Revolut. The app tells me that my document are being reviewed. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. Getting fed up at this stage. Can I try and re send documents


Its been weeks for me. Noone to talk to. No way to get my funds and just point 22.


Hey @Richie1957 :slight_smile:

This can take up to three days. If it does take longer, then that’s not normal and you should seek support, probably through, for example, Twitter:


Bit of a luddite here - dont do twitter. anyway - heres hoping


Might push me into using Twitter and might get “hooked”


Then, let’s tag @AndreasK who might be able to sort this Twitterlessly :wink:


Thanks Juliopp. Never got the “Twitter” thing. Guess its (without revealing it), my age


Hey @Richie1957 :slight_smile:

I would never have guessed the age from someone named “Richie1957” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still, Twitter should be a secondary channel and definitely not official. So, let’s wait for Andreas and hope he can help you get this sorted out ASAP :smile:



Same issue here.
No problem by ordering the card, then i’ve uploaded ID and photo and still waiting.
Any help?


Problem sorted. Eventually made contact via their app chat system. Account up and running. Thanks again for your advice and assistance.


Hi there. Please let me have a look for you.


Andrea - problem solved via your online chat system. Person explained that you were very busy.