Verified/income approved account limits: Where can I view them?


I have beeen verified for a good while and I have had the income source approved.
I would like to see and understand the limits applied to my account.
In the app it shows me the annual top up limit of £12,000 but nothing else.
I have queried this previously with support and they said it was rectified but it was not.
I can’t see the limits information in the T&C’s or any where else.

I posted on the Revolut Twitter feed yesterday but no response. I just tried support and was told an agent would not be available for two hours! This is so disappointing.

I was very impressed with Revolut initially, the product and the support were very good. I have recommended Revolut to many people, which I do regret now.
It seems to me the wheels are falling off the Revolut wagon. I read many posts on the forum about people not getting support for their problems, Revolut staff do not seem to be engaging with forum, which seems empty and meaningless.

All I want to do is understand what the set up is on my account.


Need to keep in mind that satisfied people don’t tend to go on forums to vouch for a service.