Verified by visa page can't access fields as top goes white and page keeps scrolling


I have tried to top up with a new debit card but the verified by visa page goes white with the input fields at the bottom but when you scroll down it automatically scrolls back to the top


So this is an issue with the 3D security stage with your bank. We can certainly look into this for you if you reach out to us on support chat. Do you have an Android or iPhone?


Have told support. Android


Hi there,
i am experiencing the same issue in an android mobile (Samsung s5)

I had a chat with Revolut support and they said this could be a problem on my bank side. However, after speaking with my bank I understand this is not a problem with my bank. I work in software development and mobile apps, and the problem is not my bank, the problem seems to be the Revolut app cannot handle the verified by Visa page.

Steps i follow:
1.I added a new visa card to my Revolut app.
2.Click top up and insert the amount.
3.Click top up and there is a message saying
"Your top-up is being processed. You may be asked to enter your 3D Security password"
This takes me to the Verified by Visa Page.
4.Then, as soon as I try to insert any information in any field on the Verified by Visa page, this goes blank. and i cannot do anything else, as a consequence, the top up cannot be processed.

are you looking into this issue?



It seems this bug isn’t fixed yet?

I just tried adding my VISA and sure enough i had trouble with 3d secure when trying to top up.

Guess all we can do is bring this to attention, there should be tons of users asking for help concerning this matter if it is universal for 3d secure on revolut though?